Water Does Wonders!

The city of Brantford  is one of 45 across Ontario proudly taking part in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge to promote children’s health through physical activity and healthy eating. We all know that healthy eating is important for growing children. So is healthy hydration and water is the natural choice for kids to stay hydrated and healthy. Water makes up more than half of a child’s weight so they need a steady supply to keep their bodies working and growing properly. Water is a perfect choice because it contains no sugar, calories, additives, preservatives, or caffeine. And it’s easily accessible and free.

One of the related projects is called blueW, a national tap water refilling network, which is an online directory that promotes local businesses that are willing to provide access to tap water. This is an amazing opportunity to help make drinking water more accessible in our community and reduce plastic bottle waste! These businesses will have a blueW stick in their window so you can easily identify a place to refill your water.

BHi Brantford is proud to be part of this program so if you find yourself down near Lions Park and need to fill your water bottle, come on in!