Regarding the COVID-19 Virus

With the recent COVID-19 concerns we will be pushing back the youth start date to April 4th. At that time we will reassess and implement any new guidelines for players, parents, coaches and staff safety. Please understand that this will alter division schedules for the remainder of the season to compensate for the lost days. We will do our best to keep schedules as close to the normal dates and times as possible.

You can expect an email in the coming days with your child’s team name and coaches information along with a link to the schedule. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

ALL adult leagues are postponed to Tuesday March 31st.

We ask that all players please bring their own water bottles and it is recommended that they do not share water bottles with others.

We will no longer loan any youth equipment/goalie equipment.

Handshakes will NOT be taking place after games to reduce risk of spreading germs.

If you are sick, consider staying home to reduce the risk of fear in others.

We will continue to take precautionary measures to do our best to make sure we stay low risk at BHi Brantford.