The Men’s 30+ Draft Division at BHi will be composed of anyone who wants to register if they are a current BHi player or new to BHi that is 30 years of age or older

Player fee is $180 per player

Season will be 12 games + playoffs – Some double headers

Season will start in April and end at the end of July

Open to all players that turning 30 years old in 2023 and over

Also open to players between the ages of 25 to 30. Only 3 players per team will be drafted

Games on Sundays only – Some double headers

Overtime for the Regular Season and 1st round of playoffs (3 vs. 3 overtime followed by a shootout)

Championship overtime with be 5 on 5 continuous

Team names: Thrashers, Barons, Scouts, Rockies

Each player will receive a team jersey

Prizing for first place will be champions’ shirts


The Draft:

The Draft will consist of 14 rounds, snake draft. The draft order has been determined by a draw

Any player not picked in the draft will go on the call-up list.

Any players not selected in the draft will receive their deposit back


Team Rosters:


Each team will have 12 runners and 1 goalie.

If a player gets drafted but does not show up for the first 3 games, the draft captain is given the option of replacing that player with another player that was registered. The player replacement player can choose to play at a pro-rated amount.

All communication between the potential new player must go through BHI. This will eliminate players from “picking and choosing” who they want to play with/ for.

At the end of the regular season, teams can offer ONE player on their roster an extension. See: Player Extensions


In-Season Trades:


Players can be traded to a different team during the season.

The trade deadline will be the 6-game mark. Before the 6th game is played

All trades are allowed. (Players for Players)

Trades must be emailed to BHI Staff for approval

Once Accepted, trades can not be reversed unless both teams agree before the trade is accepted by the BHi Management.

If a player quits after a trade is processed, the trade will be voided and the player who quits will be removed from the division and replaced by a player of said team’s choice from the pre-season registered list. The replacement player must be the same rating as the player that quit.


Player Extensions:


Teams may keep ONE player on their roster for future season.

Both player and team must agree.

Player extensions must be communicated with BHi Management & the other team captains prior to the draft.

BHi Management will communicate with those players that the captains would like to keep for extensions to assure they are fine with the decision.

Players may be extended to the same team as long as the captains choose to do so. If a captain chooses to take a new keeper, the player that is no longer their keeper will return to the draft



Captains must be approved by BHi managemant

Captains pay on half the season fee ($90)